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Name Gender Memberships Member Number Membership Type
Whatsapp image 2023 04 02 at 11.31.56 pm Mike Solon Male Atleta JUVENIL (Menores de edad) (wakodom) QTSH4FDM Youth
Whatsapp image 2023 04 03 at 12.08.01 am Alejandro Socarras Male Atleta JUVENIL (Menores de edad) (wakodom) XEEO44MT Youth
Img Jose Valentin Pallamp Estrella Male Referee / Oficial (wakodom)Entrenador / Coach (wakodom) L69K3UMN Adult
Foto 2x2 Francisco Payes Erroa Male PATROCINADOR (wakodom) ZGDPP0T4 Adult
20230218 120850 Andy Ramses Reinoso Castillo Male Atleta ADULTO (wakodom) U2G4YJHG Adult
B478ec05 9095 4d57 9c80 b89a446f2a88 Geoffrey Ventura Male Entrenador / Coach (wakodom) D84GUY6I Adult
Img 20220329 173358 Dehida Fermin Pallamps Female Atleta ADULTO (wakodom)Adult Membership (ACETS) QXUFKEMP Adult
Whatsapp image 2023 04 02 at 10.22.02 Yendri Jorier Pallamp Artiles Male Atleta JUVENIL (Menores de edad) (wakodom)Youth Membership (ACETS) EOIRXYD0 Youth
Img 20231205 wa0068 Jefferson Aniel Arvelo González Male Atleta JUVENIL (Menores de edad) (wakodom) HHC7T2IE Youth
Whatsapp image 2023 04 02 at 10.21.02 Julier Artiles Morel Female Adult Membership (ACETS) SPXF7RYZ Adult
Ffffa87a ed1e 41d8 b8dc 7e49da87ae87 Enmanuel Ruiz Male Atleta ADULTO (wakodom) AAMWWDJ7 Adult
Screenshot 20230502 103920 Johnli Elena Urbaez Male Atleta JUVENIL (Menores de edad) (wakodom) T9TWGNKL Youth
16830681637233591376318115707740 Sabienlli Mari Peña Peña Female Atleta JUVENIL (Menores de edad) (wakodom) 25SMEMW2 Youth
Missing Tzidkiel Espinoza Garcia Male Atleta JUVENIL (Menores de edad) (wakodom) SNVSHNN5 Youth
Img 20240425 wa0031 Merlyn Fermin Pallamps Female Atleta JUVENIL (Menores de edad) (wakodom)Youth Membership (ACETS) MWMSDKYK Youth
Image Johan Noesi Male Atleta JUVENIL (Menores de edad) (wakodom) RKP4IARL Youth
45d1cfa7 8cbc 4557 a5ed a000d0dcafc8 Yoryi Lopez Male Entrenador / Coach (wakodom) GTLCQBEI Adult
Img 20230609 120018 Steven Núñez Male Entrenador / Coach (wakodom) FBSH2KPB Adult
Wako Juan Nuñez Male Atleta ADULTO (wakodom) RGOE1VWK Adult
Backgrounderaser 20230725 120846763 Albert Rodriguez Padron Male Entrenador / Coach (wakodom) J3XFKB4X Adult
1692369739664456051171911091251 Victor Cruz Male Entrenador / Coach (wakodom) YWTZIWWD Adult
Img 3483 José Melo Male Atleta ADULTO (wakodom) D3ACLEBL Adult
Jn Jorge Niño Male Atleta ADULTO (wakodom) HDHYJQMS Adult
Whatsapp image 2023 09 27 at 15.18.01 Manuela Guisantes Female Atleta ADULTO (wakodom) HTBPLH5B Adult
Winser wako Winser Espinal Male Atleta ADULTO (wakodom) QWNUINUK Adult
93c1527a 6aa6 4dcf 8adf 5426f79ec75d Angel Nivar Male Atleta ADULTO (wakodom) XI7MTR4Y Adult
206937860 10161254976236562 1225356844763465168 n Alexander Fernandez Male Atleta ADULTO (wakodom) 6ESFI8ET Adult
Dsc 0018 cop Ramces Garcia Sosa Male Atleta ADULTO (wakodom) PDKNMQEZ Adult
Arnaldo gomez Arnaldo Gomez Male Entrenador / Coach (wakodom) JDGXGJER Adult
Win 20201005 18 46 18 pro Oscar Mateo Male Atleta ADULTO (wakodom)Adult Membership (AAGD) COHGVZEW Adult
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